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      No Comments on Re-Introduction of is being repurposed. Our parent company Communication Craft is now taking over all that webdesigncraft use to do before. Services such Web Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing Web Application and likes are now being done by Communication Craft. The main use of will now be for educational purpose. To educate our clients and every interested persons on the nitty gritty of website design, graphic design, digital marketing etc.

It will be a resource for web developers who want to update their knowledge of the trade, graphic designer who want to know more about their trade. Specifically for our clients they stand to gain more from this blog that will educate them on the best use of internet technologies in marketing their services and brands.

We seek to create a community of web Enthusiasts, Graphic Designers, Digital Marketers, Business Men, Industrialist, Investors or Entrepreneurs or curious novices who want to tap into the boundless opportunities presented by the web in advancing their business or trades.

Want to learn web development for free, or how designers are able to proliferate the web with premium quality designs or just want to arm yourself with how to market your good and services on the internet, you are welcome to use the resources here to your advantage.

For our former clients, please note that it is our parent company that will now be dealing with you directly, we are the same company that share same principles. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything, this transition is seamless. if we did not mention it you may not even notice it.

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