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In today’s world of business, it is not enough to have your website out there on the internet but you must observe how your website is performing and bringing in the needed traffic to your business.

Now you have your website there on the internet thinking that people will get to visit and take note of whatever products or services you render but to your greatest surprise you realize you are not getting any Traffic to your website. What is wrong? Why are people not visiting your website? Why are you not making sales on your website? These and many other questions will be answered here. And I do hope if all these advice and suggestion are put to use you will in no time start seeing improvement in the exposure of your business to relevant audience that has interest your product.

1. Make the Design of Your Website Search Engine Friendly.

Let’s begin from the design of your website, most people that I have worked for as a web developer (especially here in Nigeria) do not know what it means to have a well design website that is search engine friendly. Beautifully designed websites are good, in that they are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but are they being found on google or yahoo search engines? Ask your web developer if they considered the necessary design approach in writing their html code. There technicality that are involved to make sure that website are designed to be search engine friendly.

Starting form the title element and meta description of the web pages, the way the heading are arranged in hierarchy, are there alt text which provide some detail about the image elements, attribute like the title of the image and so many other details that you can find on google developer guide for developing search engine friendly websites.

2. Your Website Content.

You web developer may have a well designed page technically, and yet your content are not being visited by relevant people that matter to your business. One of the ways you can increase web traffics to your website is that your pages are being found on search engines but if your content are not inline with what people are searching for on these search engines there is no way they can visit your website talk-less of buying into your services or products.

So what can you do to remedy this, the key is found writing content good content that will give value to your prospect. Tool like google keyword planner could be deployed to help your research the keyword that your audience are searching for on the google search engine which you can then use to develop your content. It is also important to note here that the main purpose of your content is to be relevant to the visitors of your website and not the search engine yourself. The search engine will only put your content in front of prospects if your content is relevant to their search.

3. Use Social Media

In business world of today social media plays important role in driving traffic to businesses or websites. Social media connect people from all walks of life and allow them to interact and engage with each other. It is a platform where you can talk directly with your customers and get to know them better, you can also join a conservation or start one. Post content which can be shared by people and increase the visibility of your business thereby increasing the chance of people buying from you. So, it will be beneficial if you create profile with your business brand identity and connect with your potential customers on social media.

4. Drive Traffics to Your Site Using Display Advertising.

One effective way to make people become aware of your website is by using display ad. When it comes to display advertising, it is important that you have a set goal for the ad and way of measuring the success of that goal else you may be funneling into a bottomless pit without concrete result to show for it.

In this case, you goal is to make people visit your website and see what it is you are offering. second step will be to define your target audience, the right audience for your kind of service or product. You wouldn’t want to advertise to people who are not interested in what you have to offer as that will constitute a waste of your resources.

The next action is to consider which advertising network you will be advertising on. google adwords, facebook, twitter and many other provide tools with which to measure the progress of your advertising campaign.

5. Reach out to Bloggers.

This is one great way where you can drive immense traffic to your website. You can reach out to bloggers to help you with sponsor posts that have links at relevant place back to your website which in time will increase your ranking on search engines. Apart from search engine friendly back-link, this also has immediate effect of directly sending traffic to your site depending on the type of blog and how relevant is the blog and post to your business.

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