Introducing You to HTML.

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Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the reason why the web exist. It is the base language used to develop websites and web applications. If you are looking to be take up carrier in web development or as a web designer you need to learn HTML. It is the language that provides structure and content for every website on the internet. So if you want to learn HTML, this tutorial will take you from beginner level to become an expert in no time. It is recommend you follow the tutorial in order because each tutorial reinforce the concept learned in the tutorial before it.

Basically, a web application or website has three layers namely the Structure and Content Layer which handle by HTML which is our focus now. The second layer is the Presentation which is where we use Cascading stylesheet (CSS) to style the structure and content which HTML presents. The third layer which is the Behavioural layer, is where the popular javascript shines. It enables we, the web designers give live to our page and make animation and able to perform all sort of programmable actions on the client side of the web.

So follow me on the journey to learn HTML to unlock the wonderful world of html.

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